I just wanted to write a sample of a story that I am making on a different website. If you guys like it, I would love it if you would comment about it, and if you did I would keep writing the story on here.I don’t know if this is all that good so if you would just comment I would love it. Well, here the sample is:


Lylane was 3 when she was tested on for a science experiment in the secret agency S.E.C.A. She grew up in a town that smelled only of lavender and was colored only with light colors to keep the experiments calm. But when an accident happens, she escapes and means to destroy S.E.C.A. but ends up in the weird mystery of love, hate, revenge, and family.

Part of what I have so far:

I flew over our small town, flapping my barn owl wings through the lavender air. Let me explain:

We live in a small town. We are all weird science experiments of children mixed between animals. The town is designed to keep us calm at all times. I’ve heard about the places out in the World. About how their air didn’t smell and there was actual people, not mutated people. I was a mix between a barn owl and a girl. I had the wings and the wisdom. Everybody adored and slightly feared my wings since I was the only successful mix between any owl and a child and the only bird mix with wings.


So if you like it please comment.

Love y’all,