I know, I’m awesome. I mean, 2 story beginnings in one day? Anyways, remember that AN before Chapter 10 of Camp Mutant? I ‘m posting the full first chapter.


Lylane was 3 when she was tested on for a science experiment in the secret agency S.E.C.A. She grew up in a town that smelled only of lavender and was colored only with light colors to keep the experiments under control. But then she escapes and means to destroy S.e.C.a. but ends up in the weird mystery of love, hate, revenge, and family.

I flew over our small town, flapping my barn owl wings through the lavender air. Let me explain:

We live in a small town. We are all science experiments of children mixed between animals. The town is designed to keep us calm at all times. I’ve heard about the places out in the World. About how their air didn’t smell and there was actual people, not mutated people. I was a mix between a barn owl and a girl. I had the wings and the wisdom. Everybody adored and slightly feared my wings since I was the only successful mix between any owl and a child and the only bird mix with wings.

Anyways, I soared downwards and landed behind my friend, Amaira. I folded in my huge owl wings.

Boo!” I said, but knew my wings were too noisy to scare someone by flying behind them.

Oh, you scared me so much. I almost had a heart attack.” she said sarcastically. She was the exact opposite of me; she had been mutated with a fish, her long red wavy hair covered her gills, whereas I had straight, almost black hair that was almost always in a ponytail. She had pale blue eyes while I had jade green eyes that changed with my mood. And then came the fact that she was half sea animal, and I was an air animal. She could breathe underwater and could talk to sea creatures, and I had wings and amazing wisdom.

But as they say, opposites attract.

She turned back to her boyfriend, Bradyn, and continued her conversation. Bradyn was a mix between cheetah and boy, which does not look as weird as it seems. I mean sure, he had a tail and ears that were pointy and at the top of his head, but amazing athletic abilities and speed kind of made up for it. Amaira turned to me “DY says that he heard another owl mix didn’t work out.DY was Bradyn’s nickname because he spelled his name with a Y instead of E before the N.

Instantly sadness filled my heart. The stupid place that makes us is killing people for no good reason. I just don’t understand!

Come on,” Amaira said seeing my sadness “lets go to the House.”

she let me pick her up and fly her to our tree house in the woods behind the suburb. The half birds are all like brothers and sisters for me. They helped us build the house ages ago and we all use it when we have meetings as birds or when we need to be alone. We came up with a law that no one could enter if some one wanted to be alone.

I placed her gently on the floor. The House was built of wooden planks and was a little plain, but we loved it.

They just think you came out so great and want to make more.” Amaira always got to the point. It wasn’t her to go “What a nice day out, huh?” no. She got to the point all the time, and although some envy it, and sometimes its a nice quality, but sometimes its annoying.

I know but…” I sighed “I just…” what could I say? Then there was a knock on the door.

Saved by the bell.