Most of the characters here belong to David Almond. Original characters and Skellig storyline belong to him.

That’s the first time I’ve ever written credits. It’s kind of boring actually. Huh. Well, David Almond deserves it. He’s a great author. Anyways, ONWARDS!!

After Skellig

Chapter 1

She came 5 years after he left. A simple knock on the door. But when I went to answer, she was laying there. Blood was seeping through her shirt on one side. I picked her up, and carried her to mom. She had a large wound that punctured deep into her side. Mom hoped Joy wouldn’t wake up and see the girl. Mom said she wondered what happened and called the ambulance. They said they didn’t know if she would make it.

But I had seen something they had missed. Something I knew no grown-up would see, or believe. And I knew she would live.

Once the ambulance sirens were only a faint noise in the distance, I asked my mother if I could go to Mina’s house. When she said yes, I was out the door and at Mina’s in a flash. Mina opened the door about 15 seconds later (not that I was counting) and, sensing my tension, let me in without question. Her mom smiled at me, but she, too, noticed my mood and sat me down with a cup of tea. I filled in Mina quickly.

You think she could be related to Skellig? Like a cousin or something?” she asked quietly. We still hadn’t told anyone about our secret. Then her eyes went as big as saucers and her hands flew to her mouth.

Oh, no! What did poor Joy say when she saw her?” my friend asked in concern of my 5 year old sister. I shook my head.

She was upstairs, sound asleep. I was wondering if we could go with my mom to the hospital. Want to go ask?”

Sure.” she said. Her mom said it was okay as long as my parents agreed, and as long as we came home in time for dinner. My mom and Dad agreed, and decided we could go with Mom. Soon we were all loaded in the car and on our way.

Chapter 2

We entered the waiting room and sat for what felt like hours before the doctors said we could come in and see her. We shuffled in quietly. She peered up at us with the same dark, tender eyes as Skellig.

What do you want?” she asked in the same tone that the winged man had used the first time I saw him. I looked at Mina out of the corner of my eye.

I said, what do you want?” the girl repeated impatiently.

Who are you? Do you know Skellig?” Mina asked her. The girl looked up at us curiously.

Are you who he speaks of? Michael and Mina? The human angels?” the girl asked us.

Well, yeah…?” I said but it came out more like a question.

My uncle, or, as you know him, Skellig, sent me to warn you…” she hesitated, took a deep breath, and looked up at us.

It’s coming. Coming to take you- kill you- all. My uncle sent me to get you. He’s too weak, but he said you knew how to help him. You need to come with me before it’s too late.”

Too late for what? What’s coming?” I questioned worriedly. What happened to Skellig? I wondered.

The…” she began, but her body seized up and her eyes turned a brilliant white.

Nurse! Doctor!” my mom called. I had forgotten that Mom was behind us due to her silence. I was positive she would brain me with questions after this. A couple of doctors rushed in.

Not again…” one mumbled “Out, out.” another pointed to the door and ushered us out. I stared at the shut doorway. What had just happened?

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