Hello, darlings, potatoes, and aliens. I welcome you to my new challenge. I will write a story (short or long) based on a writing prompt I’ve found.


So today’s story prompt is basically a soulmate AU (alternate universe). Everyone has a black stain where they will first get Touched by their soulmate. When they get Touched, the stain turns colorful. This is what I wrote yesterday at like 10 pm on pen and paper. So it’s gonna be pretty bad and tired and lazy but bear with me peoples. Okay. Shall we?


Wordcount: 394

Wordcount goal: 500

Date: 15.10.18

Quick plot: the Main character has print on arm and is waiting for the moment to happen- only to be disappointed when the spot goes away after she gets Touched.


Black splotches. Spots.

Everyone’s got them. Prints in the shape of a hand or an elbow. Maybe a knee. You’re born with them- you’ve never known clear skin.

The Whites are the ones with too dark skin, marked instead with white prints. They’re the prettiest. Everyone wants to be a White. Of course, they do. Of course.

I stare silently at the mirror. It’s fogged on the sides, framing my worked body like it deserves to be hung in a museum. Mirrors- so optimistic.

Limp and wet black curls hanging down to slim shoulders, big black eyes, and small pink lips. Soft cheekbones and soft curves. Ivory skin. A ghostly appearance matched with a deadly glare. A kind demeanor matched with a laughing smile.

A contradiction, Ma calls me. My little contradiction.

Glaring at this body in the mirror and I try to see a contradiction. I’m met with not enough.

I don’t mean to, but my gaze lowers from my head to my arm. It’s coated in my Spot, coloring my arm in the shape of the side of a body. I’ve always wanted to know who could love me. Who would touch this Spot and this shell of a person and make them explode into colors, make them something no one’s ever seen.

Just like everyone else, I’ve waited. And waited. And waited. Maybe I always will. Maybe we always do.

So as I said, this is just the beginning. I’m working on more as my goal for today, and I’ll try to keep y’all posted. Thanks for reading! Sorry, this took so long!