Hello beautiful peoples. It’s sleeting. I’m tired. I’m in a rainy mood which means movies, pjs, books, and too long sentences with too many commas. And because I didn’t update Friday, I thought why not update on an off-day? So here we are. Warning: this is a crappy poem about rain cos it was raining earlier and yeah I write poems if you didn’t know but they all SUCK so you’re welcome. 

rain slips down the window,
ticking like seconds,
marking passing time.
it traces the glass,
whispering in an unknown language,
telling me the stories of what it's like in the sky.
the clouds agree with me today.
letting everything go.
they fill the air and hide the sun
like we don't deserve it.
it doesn't matter.
the rain and the thunder become my lullaby,
gently rocking me to sleep.
how lucky it is,
to be able to not care.
to not think.
how lucky it is,
to be so different
yet so exactly the same.

Yeah, I know, weird and bad and whatever BUT SO AM I so I don’t care. Plus, you’re the one who decided to read this. I warned you. Only your fault.

Thank you for reading. (that mood change, though)

My book recommendation is…The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.  If you are religious then don’t read it unless you feel like getting mad today. Honestly, so enlightening (the book, I mean). Crazy, weird, surprising (basically me) so I really enjoyed it. Huge book, though. Hope you read it and love it.

Comment if you want to tell me how crappy I write. 🙂