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a lil’ poem

Hello beautiful peoples. It’s sleeting. I’m tired. I’m in a rainy mood which means movies, pjs, books, and too long sentences with too many commas. And because I didn’t update…

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Writing Prompt 3 Part 2

Welcome, darlings, potatoes, and aliens. IN SOME PLACES OF THE WORLD IT’S THE SAME DAY. Okay, sorry, I had it all written up last night but was unable to publish…

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Writing Prompt…3?

Wab-a-doop-dop. Welcome back, darlings, potatoes, and aliens. It’s late. I’m tired. Because I get tired at 7 pm. School sucks and life sucks and I’m sleep deprived, so you already…

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Writing Prompt 2 Part 2

Hello, darlings, potatoes, and aliens. So we have weekend breaks apparently. That’s fun. This is the second and last part of the previous writing prompt. That definitely does not mean its…

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Writing Prompt 2-Part 1

Hello, darlings, potatoes, and aliens. Ok, so there’s a pattern beginning to form. I write the story sometime during the day then upload it the next morning. Weird? Yeah. Do…

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