Hello, darlings, potatoes, and aliens. Ok, so there’s a pattern beginning to form. I write the story sometime during the day then upload it the next morning. Weird? Yeah. Do I care? NOPE. Well anyway, this beginning of a story is a product of me trying to draw with a pen and then realizing the pen’s other abilities, such as writing. I don’t know what it’ll lead to, you are allowed to adopt this poor baby if you want (but there will be at least a part 2 of this one), and feel free to make me feel free to discontinue this. Cool. Let’s go.

Quick Plot: There’s this really dangerous girl who is being iced in a cage thing. People visit all the time; she’s been resting for over 1,000 years. But when she awakens, her sister (and 4 more unexpected (powered?) people) are chosen to save the day. WOOOOO.

Word count: 258

Word count goal: 300?


“Be quiet,” the guard warned. “The last thing we want is for her to wake up.”

The light chatter that had spread amongst the thin crowd stops as all guests shuffle after the guard and swallow their fear. Emily doesn’t even need to really listen to know they’re all wondering if they can turn back now.

Nope, she thinks gingerly, But don’t worry…

The door creaks when the guard, Andy, opens it.

I’m here.

10 series of complicated locks, face and eye id recognitions, and finger print tests. Emily fights back a smile- it’s too easy. Silly humans, inviting guests into the dragons cave, unlocking the doors of the dragons creation, promising they are safe. 

And why?

Because it isn’t a dragon. It’s a girl.

Emily had first seen her 5 years back, when she was merely 10. Too young to go alone, her parents accompanied her after her insistent complaining. It was her birthday. 

Fine, they said, we’ll go

They said ‘fine’ again when they entered.

It’s fine, they promised, all good.

And then they really did go. Far, far away. 

But it was okay. It was fine. She was safe now, and, in a way, so were her parents.

And these guests don’t even know. Don’t even know she’d do anything to keep them alive here. She doesn’t even know them. Oh, well.

The last thick door opens and they herd in, Emily last.

“Welcome,” a new guard says as they swarm against the glass, each straining to see her.

Yes, welcome. To the dragons den. 

Alright! Okay, so just some background on our characters. I’m kinda making Emily the sister of this mysterious girl. She is Powered, which quite a few people in this world are. You remember earlier when she said: “really listen”? She meant to listen to their thoughts. Yeah. And this girl in the “dragon’s den” is this all powerful being that’s been trapped for quite some time

And! I want to start doing this thingy where I recommend a book at the end of every story I write. Today we’re starting with The Bricks that Built the Houses by Kate Tempest. Beautifully written with amazing characters and poetic lines, I recommend it a thousand times over. Ok, not the BEST book I’ve ever read but honestly up there. If not for the story then definitely for the writing. Really cool style. If you read it, tell me what you think!

I hope you enjoyed! I have more of the story if I can find it, and this is also up for adoption. If you want to, comment, maybe about how just AMAZING my writing is (constructive criticism is very much welcome) or how your day was or another writing prompt I could try out. Thanks!