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Writing Prompt 1 Part 2

Hello, darlings, potatoes, and aliens! Welcome back. Yes, I’m already slipping on my promise to upload every day. But today I felt like crap (I just got a flu shot…

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Writing Prompt 1

 Hello, darlings, potatoes, and aliens. I welcome you to my new challenge. I will write a story (short or long) based on a writing prompt I’ve found. Prompt: So today’s…

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How the Color of Water Effects the Temperature(Science)

AN: People, just so you know, this isn’t exactly my typical post. This is a post about science and not science fiction. I will not be hurt in any way…

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Chapter 1 to Lylane Story

I know, I’m awesome. I mean, 2 story beginnings in one day? Anyways, remember that AN before Chapter 10 of Camp Mutant? I ‘m posting the full first chapter. Blurb:…

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After Skellig- Skellig Sequel

Most of the characters here belong to David Almond. Original characters and Skellig storyline belong to him. That’s the first time I’ve ever written credits. It’s kind of boring actually….

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