Wab-a-doop-dop. Welcome back, darlings, potatoes, and aliens. It’s late. I’m tired. Because I get tired at 7 pm. School sucks and life sucks and I’m sleep deprived, so you already know this story is gonna be a piece of crap.
But you’re nice people so you’ll ignore that plainly obvious fact.

I don’t even know how I came up with today’s prompt. I found this dialogue prompt (link below) and was like, fun! So I came up with a story for it in 5 seconds and that’s how we got here. 

So enjoy. If it’s possible.

QUICK plot: (trying to make this sound professional) clears throat way too loudly OKAY. Andie has been training to be a spy since she was 6. Now working in this secret agency, she gets her first assignment: to recover stolen information (or something- remember I came up with this in 5 seconds, children) along with an old friend, (searching for popular boy names) AYDEN (yeah, I don’t know what’s with me and ‘a’ names, but whatever) and the new kid, Henry. The only problem is Ayden and Henry are enemies and they lose all contact to there agency. What could go wrong? (famous last words)

Word count goal: 300

The booming voice from the speakers embedded in the agency’s ceilings wakes me from my short daydream. 


Heads whip around to find me, eyes searching for answers in my face. “What did she do?”, their faces scream. You only go to the Coetus for 3 reasons: you’re in big trouble, you’re getting kicked out, or you’re getting an assignment. And as the youngest agent at 14 years old, I doubt I’m being called forward for the last of those. 

What did I do?

I gulp down fear as I push through the small crowd and make my way through the labyrinth of hallways to the center of the building: the Coetus.
The walls are fashioned from the same dark oak as the rest of the building, but instead of industrial metal doors, this room has a large wood one, with glass gleaming towards the top. Everyone knows how to get to the Coetus. Everyone knows what the Coetus looks like. But not many people know what it’s like in there.

The brass door handle welcomes my hand in a cool embrace. Panic has long since settled in the depths of my gut, and I’m sweating now. 

What happened?

The door glides open when I push against it, revealing a dark office with bare walls and small windows. Large seats are arranged in a circle in the middle of the room, and a massive desk is pushed against the left wall. I inspect every corner and shadow in a second, the way I’ve been doing since I’ve been 6. There’s no trap or danger- this is the Coetus we’re talking about- but habits die hard. 

The spacious office is devoid of any life besides me and…a man and a woman. Both sitting in armchairs, I only recognize one- the Director. She’s got this wild hair and even wilder smiles, always filled with the craziest ideas, but by far the best agent here. 

My eyes wander over to the young man sitting next to her. I realize now that he’s just a bit over my age, with brown hair styled almost European-like and an unhappy look on his face. His demeanor sends off not-so-hidden clues that he would rather not be here. When his eyes meet mine, they seem to scowl even though his face does no such thing.

I gulp again.

“Welcome, darling.” the Director waves me over, pointing at a seat. “Glad that you could join us.”

Word count: 335!!!! (so proud)

If you came upon mistakes, I’m…not really sorry. It’s late and I’m tired and I had to go through way too much to write this and UGH. So SORRY if it’s not edited and once I’m in a well and proper headspace I will edit this, I promise. Kind of. 

Did you like this one?

Book recommendation: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Who knew such a small kid had such sage advice?

Okay, I have to go good night y’all comment if you want or whatever.


Link to book:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/157993.The_Little_Prince

Link to prompt: https://www.pinterest.de/pin/644296290417590595/ (I haven’t used it yet)

P.S. Is this even the 3rd one? idk.